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Registration for YUMAC Membership

Welcome to the YUMAC Application Site!
Please note that before a YUMAC tender-style bidding auction, participants must obtain membership (with a registration number), which shall be provided by the YUMAC Administration. Therefore, we request you to fill out the following application form to apply for your YUMAC membership and registration number. This membership shall be granted on the basis of each applicants respective qualifications. Kindly note, however, that the YUMAC Administration reserves the exclusive right to suspend or refuse membership to any applicant without liability and obligation, and it shall not be necessary for us to explain any reasons for our decisions and/or actions.

Procedure to participate (New applicants)
Thank you very much for your requested application for YUMAC Membership. The procedure to participate in YUMAC Tender-Style Auction is as follows:

- Please fill out the Application Form and send it to us.

If you want to be a YUMAC (Yuasa Used Machinery Auction) member, we ask for your trade reference.
"Trade reference" here means a third-party company in JAPAN that recommends your company as a YUMAC member.
(Do NOT fill in your own company name here.)

- The result of a judgment by the YUMAC Administration Office shall be announced to you (i.e., whether accepted or not accepted for YUMAC Membership)

Membership Fee:

Presently, you will be pleased to note that no membership fee will be collected from any member. Nevertheless, the YUMAC Administration reserves the right to charge any fee that is deemed necessary. Kindly note, however, that if the rules regarding membership fees are changed and officially announced the members will have the exclusive right to continue or terminate the membership.


Please note that members may terminate their membership from YUMAC at any time after having provided the YUMAC Administration with written notice. After having provided a notice of intent to terminate the membership, the registration number will be canceled. This, however, will not prevent the YUMAC Administration, YUASA TRADING Co., Ltd., or any other party from claiming any and all sums of money owing, including debts owing or accounts receivable. Furthermore, notwithstanding termination of membership, any obligation as a member existing prior to termination or thereafter, from time to time, will continue until full and final satisfaction thereof.

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