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YUMAC is the auction only for members, and Direct Sales as well.

If you are not a member of YUMAC, please send us your application from Membership Registration.


Please fill out the following questionnaire/application form and send it to us.

- Please note in advance that some sorts of questions cannot be answered, or may take a while to be answered.

- Free email address or cell phone address is not acceptable.

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kobutu eigyouhou touroku saitama ken kouan iinkai kyoka dai 431300020976 gou kobutu eigyouhou touroku aiti ken kouan iinkai kyoka dai 541420802700 gou kobutu eigyouhou touroku hyougo ken kouan iinkai kyoka dai 631510800018gou kobutu eigyouhou touroku fukuoka ken kouan iinkai kyoka dai 904010810057 gou